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Qopius is among the 8 start-ups selected to integrate the SAP.io Foundry in Paris

Qopius is proud to be among the 8 retail start-ups selected by SAP to join the 2nd cohort of their Paris foundry, lead by Sebastien Gibier, Director of SAP.io France.

The SAP.iO Foundries are SAP’s global network of top-tier startup programs, including accelerators, that enable startups to build innovative softwares that deliver value for SAP customers. With 8 foundries around the globe, SAP.io has already demonstrated great success at helping start-ups like Brennus Analytics to integrate their software into SAP solutions.

As part of this SAP.io program, Qopius will join the SAP booth in VivaTech 2019 on the 16th and 17th of May in Paris.



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