Focusing on the collaboration necessary between human and AI

Qopius is working on the future of brick and mortar Retail

About Us

We’re constructing the world’s biggest AI-powered image recognition engine for digitizing supermarket shelves, that means detecting and recognizing every consumer goods product from images and video, to finally achieve the fully connected store. The Qopius Retail Pulse platform helps the biggest names in FMCG, retailers and manufacturers, to track the behavior of their products on the shelves and take corrective action in real-time to insure the shopping experience is at its best.

Our Mission

To Transform The Way We Shop

Our mission is to transform the way we shop. A seamless shopping experience in an automatically functioning store, with no waiting in line, and the right product at the right place. Our dedicated team and our ever-growing artificial intelligence engine will help get us there.

“We’re passionate about bringing artificial intelligence into the physical retail world, and making it easily deployable so together we can revolutionize the cumbersome and outdated way shopping is done today, focusing on the collaboration necessary between human and AI.

We are the result of a collaboration from three different corners of the world so we know a thing or two about diversity!”