The Challenge

Availability of products on the shelf is crucial for METRO customers. Professionals visiting METRO stores have a certain favorite products that meet their customers taste.

Today, the gap check process can be tedious and inefficient given the large store formats of METRO Cash & Carry. Store associates have to identify gaps on the shelf, then check the availability of the products on METRO’s stock system. That requires a lot of manual effort that results on taking associates time away from serving METRO customers in the store.

The Solution

Qopius Gap Check solution provides an automated tool for identifying all availability issues on the shelf then report a task list to store associates in order to refill the shelf.

The integration with the existing METRO systems offered a complete solution to serve the store associates. Connecting to METRO stock system increased the overall efficiency of the process. Thus, only alerts of high priority products that have stock on hand are reported.

The Result

Project still on going.

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